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Twitter shuts down nearly 70 million fake accounts

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Since May of this year, Twitter has shut down up to 70 million fake accounts which have been used for suspicious means. This effort went underway to restore twitters platform by clearing up accounts that are not associated with the identity of the actual person or business. Many of these accounts were used for illicit means by trolls trying to gain information and abuse the service and bots which, under your nose add and steal information. Twitter said it was improving the public service for its users although did not comment on the latest story.

Bots became a problem after the 2016 Brexit campaign where both Facebook and Twitter began to take this problem seriously, an issue noticed by Juan Guzman who works as a research of the University College London (UCL). He said “It was only after Brexit and the 2016 election, where these bots became a liability and Twitter, as well as Facebook began taking them seriously.”

“Until recently, Twitter did not think bots were a problem on its platform and did not lead a strong bot-detection effort,” Juan told the BBC.

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A spokesman for twitter regards this action as “nothing new” aware of the surge of fake and suspicious accounts, suspensions of accounts were part of  “ongoing work to improve the health of the public conversation on Twitter”. The spokesperson made reference to a blog on “How Twitter is fighting spam and malicious automation” that is designed to help proactively act against malicious and unsolicited activity than relying on reports by users.

In this year there had been an increase of 13 million new fake accounts where users who do not verify their phone number have had their account removed. The phone number you receive SMS alerts is a vital backbone to verifying your identity when given a code, you submit to confirm the actual use and creation of a Twitter account by a person.

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