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Are you considering beginning your very own ecommerce business? As you may know, there is a lot of preparation that entail this step into your new business. Essentially, a successful ecommerce business is a virtual storefront. Therefore, you should obtain a website that streamlines the process your entire sales funnel for your customers.


Generally speaking, your ecommerce website must be specially designed to efficiently navigate your customers from homepage to checkout. However, the process of designing a perfect ecommerce website has more meaning than this initial concept. Cloud Connected, the top web designer in Pasadena, CA, specializes in creating stellar ecommerce websites and solutions for our clients.


With many years of experience, backed by an award-winning development team, we are confident we can transform your ecommerce design into a booming website. Check out a few reasons of why Cloud Connected is the perfect Pasadena SEO agency for your upcoming ecommerce development project.


Compatible on All Devices

To increase your website’s conversion rates, you must make your site compatible on all devices to reach your target audience more effectively. The team at Cloud Connected are well-versed in modern ecommerce strategies that ensure optimal results. When you decide to work with us, we will design and develop your website to be available on all major devices.


Whether your customers prefer to shop on their laptops, smartphones, or tablets, they will receive an interactive, fast website version that seamlessly allows them to browse your products and services and eventually make a purchase.


Responsive Websites


As the digital revolution continues to spiral forward, more consumers are relying on specifically on mobile website versions to shop and make purchases. Oftentimes, many digital marketing agencies in Pasadena, CA neglect creating responsive mobile website versions. Unfortunately, the results for doing so can be disastrous.


If your website isn’t up to speed, Google and your audience will think poorly of it. Cloud Connect specializes in developing fully responsive websites that capitalize on speed, keeping the attention of your target audience firmly in your grasp.


Myriad of Ecommerce Features


Every ecommerce business is different. Hence, we tend to avoid cookie-cutter websites for our ecommerce clients. Instead, we offer a myriad of custom ecommerce features that will complement your site. Here are some of the basic features we offer for all of our ecommerce websites.


  • Promotional Tools: If you are in the business of providing your customers with promotions and discount codes, we’ve got your covered. One of our ecommerce features includes a wide variety of promotional tools to accommodate your marketing strategy.
  • Easy-to-use Checkout: The checkout process is supposed to be expeditious and convenient for your customers. Otherwise, they’re going to likely abandon their cart. We offer easy-to-use checkout systems to streamline the purchasing process.
  • Reporting Tools: Do you want to analyze the success of your business through in-depth data? We provide comprehensive reporting tools to give you all of the information you need about your business’ operations.
  • Email Marketing Capabilities: Every business needs to communicate with their customers through email, primarily because this concept ultimately nurtures leads into sales. Our ecommerce websites are equipped with handy email marketing capabilities allowing you to reach your customers effectively through email.


Brilliant Content Management System (CMS)


Whether you need to leverage your content marketing goals by creating informative blog posts or simply updating your product descriptions, a great content management system (CMS) is paramount. Fortunately, you can conveniently create, update, and access your content through our brilliant CMS.


As the age old maxim says, “content is king”. Take priority over your content by choosing Cloud Connected, the #1 provider of SEO services in Pasadena, CA, for your next project.


Effective Marketing Suite


Ideally, your website should rank high in your local SERPs if you desire to grow your business and online presence. Particularly, our ecommerce websites are designed to boost your SEO and provide you with substantial organic traffic and lead opportunities.


Our effective marketing suite gives our ecommerce clients the chance to leverage their SEO and other marketing initiatives. In the event that you want to delegate this task to one of our marketing specialists, feel free to browse our SEO services for more information.


Build Your Brand


In today’s digital age, it’s unacceptable to lack a website for your business. Though, if your current website is obsolete or doesn’t match your brand, you could also be in danger of being ignored by both Google and your customers. Receiving a stellar ecommerce website from Cloud Connected will ensure that your brand is supplemented with a compatible online image.


This image is essential for building your brand and establishing a strong online presence that can augment your sales potential.


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