Link Baiting

You’re familiar with backlinks and why they’re critical to your SEO campaign. But you may not be so familiar with the term “link baiting.” In a sense, link building and link baiting go hand-in-hand.

Link bait is just as it sounds – content that encourages others to link to it. For example, if you write an in-depth piece on how to build your own car engine from scratch, you can bet that all sorts of auto-related blogs will link to it.

You may even find social media users sharing your content as well. Creating link bait is the key to building you link profile, which means understanding what it is your audience wants. There are different methods you can use to bait people in for a backlink.

For instance, you can use infographics, controversy, educational material, breaking news, stunning imagery, apps, humor and insider knowledge. The titles must draw in your readers and the content should follow through on whatever you’re promising in your headline and meta description.

Another option for link baiting is to develop a reciprocal relationship with content producers. In this scenario, you are sharing their content in exchange for them sharing your content.

It’s very important to execute your link baiting methods effectively to prevent a negative outcome. At Cloud Connected, we have the expertise to help you with both your link baiting and link building efforts.

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