Infographics and Media

Your content on your website is very important when you are matching your keywords to your industry. While we research your keywords that relate to your niche, we can create your content to match that keyword so that the content on your website is relevant to the search engine results. The structure and consistency of the content will help increase traffic to your website to increase your ROI and create a much wider audience.

The first thing a user will see is your website so a lot of content matters that makes sense to your niche, structured adequately and the time to load is punctual to the user. 53% of visits are abandoned when a page on your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

On your webpage, Cloud Connected is able to assist you in fixes to specific HTML elements and tags as follows;

Create a meta-description

The relevant keywords are placed in the meta-description.

Structure the Heading tags

Heading tags that are well structured based on keywords increase traffic.

Incorporate Image Alt Text

Search engine optimization depend on the content that you put on element such as images. Text is vital part of increasing traffic to place “alt” tags on the images. These describe the image to search engine crawlers so it doesn’t just stand out as just an image file. “Alt” means alternative text that is suited in the aid of SEO.

Increase Page Length

When search engines crawl through your page they take into account blog posts which contain 1,500 to 3,000 because they have much more keywords to describe their niche in much more detail.

Boost Page load times

Be able to benefit from Google by ensuring your page is loading quickly so that you do not lose on customers and revenue as an expense of a slow loading page.

Decrease Bounce rate

Decrease the number of people who are essentially put off by the excessive load times your page may be having. Assuming your connection is working perfectly Google has a priority to serve content relevant to the users search results.

Social Sharing buttons

Social Media has been at the forefront of advertising where businesses advertise their content on Facebook and Twitter, Facebook ranked highest in number of users. We include social buttons on your blog posts and count the number of shares.

If your company is experiencing low traffic and performance and you find this a lot of stress to handle, then you have come to the right place. Please contact us and we can assist you in improving the content on your website.