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SEO Trends that are essential in 2018


SEO has been a fast paced and changing industry in technology the past five years. Popular websites rely on SEO techniques to improve page rankings, traffic and revenue when bringing visitors to their website. More-over the increase in reliable SEO means keyword placement and backlinks have no longer guaranteed successful SEO. The rise in digital assistants where people can search using our voice has increased, can you imagine how people will ask Google to search for a specific niche with just their voice and the aid of the well-known “Siri”. Products like Amazon Echo, Sonos and Google are increasingly popular, and in the next 4 years over half of households in the US will have these gadgets.

The fact is one in five searches on Google come from voice enabled devices and with the advent of Phone Pixel 2. Typing in searches have become burdensome for many users, and where using your voice is much easier. Imagine if you want to speaker to your smart speaker, search for a specific niche like “How do I prepare a meal for 3?”. Now typing would take much longer with all the hard pounding keystrokes as there is more than 5 seconds of your time taken to add it in the search bar and deliver the results unlike voice enabled controls will give you the result in about 2 seconds. Over a long time, this feature will save you time and money.

Optimizing SEO for voice enable devices is very important as voice assistants are becoming more popular in households. As they are becoming more popular and they save a lot more time and work people will rely on these and advancements in SEO are crucial.

Featured snippets provide the quickest solution to the problem when you need an answer from a search engine explaining your question in concise detail. Voice assistants do just this role when you ask a question with a definition like “What is SEO?” or “Will it rain tomorrow?”. How we need the answers to our queries promptly without the limit of load times, and effort to read an article. Easier for the voice assistant to read the snippet back to you.

Mobile searches are most popular from analysis of several different websites the majority of people will access the web using their mobile device because it can be around “on-the-go”. From Google Analytics of even our website Cloud Connected we have uncovered majority of people visit our website on a mobile device. The shift to mobile has been one of Google’s biggest algorithmic changes in its history. Lately SEO has been optimizing the user experience of mobile sites, accelerating performance from page load time to navigation on mobile-friendly websites.

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