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Asked by a lot of curious people in business

We have rounded up a list of Frequently Asked Questions when people feel they like to hire our SEO services in the future. Here are some of the list of questions people ask.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the strategy of getting ranked higher in the search engines to increase leads and generate more revenue for your business. Factors include optimizing your website by placing meta tags and descriptions based on your keywords. These keywords are research by a panel of experts to determine which keywords have the highest click through rate. Other factors also include building “backlinks” where links are created on third-party websites back to your home page marketing your brand. Content creation is another very important factor where content is relevant to the keywords you have based on the niche and target audience of your website.

How do we SEO for an E-commerce website?

Retaining visitors to your site and gaining more traffic is cornerstone in lead generation and increasing sales and revenue to your business. Identifying the source of your traffic is essential. Nearly half of the traffic to an e-commerce website comes from organic searches as well as backlinks and referrals. Creating an SEO strategy is essential to keeping your customers and there are multiple techniques that are useful if you have a SEO strategy in place to implement and hire a professional.

Keyword Research

Find suitable keywords based on the volume and click through rate where your brand can determine the keywords common based on organic searches. Where you have more searches based on specific keywords the higher your website will be ranked.

Email Marketing

Discipline of sending commercial based emails out to customers and generated leads based on subscriptions. Reputation of a company is based on their warm leads against “cold” channel.

Video Marketing

Discipline of streaming online and sending out vblogs to your “warm” channel to engage with your consumers via streaming sites such as Youtube, Zoom, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

Site Content

Properly augmented content with header tags, alt image tags, compressed images and even canonical tags are essentially important. Compressed images reduce load time and alt tags help Google crawl to identify your file as an image.

Competitor Research

Analysis of the organisations that would compete with your brand based on the activity of your links and keywords, known respectively as Link gap analysis and Keyword gap analysis.

Onsite SEO

Search engine optimisation for content such as image alt tags and implementing keywords in the content reflecting meta “keywords”. Keywords assist in categorising your content based on its niche.

Web Page load speed

The load time for content based on the size of the webpage the user is trying to download. Load times of 1-2 seconds is average time users can wait for a webpage to load and lag time can be jeopardising to a brands reputation and revenue.

Link Building

Creating blogs with links to your website and posting relevant content on different websites can create “backlinks” where users can refer back to your content.

SEO tools

If you hire an SEO professional, your E-commerce website can be audited and analysed using tools that you may of come across. Examples include GTXmetrics, Moz and SEMrush.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media websites can help consumers communicate directly to your business and are used everyday. Such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Customers can engage to write product reviews and share content from your page.

How do SEO Services get my website ranked higher on Google?

For the most part, businesses both small startups and corporations have been blissfully unaware of the importance of SEO where they are ranked with specific keywords. The amount of time to invest can be in the region of 3 to 6 months for Google to crawl through the content and meta data to highlight specific keywords related to your niche. Implementing a Search Engine Optimization strategy drives positive results and increase traffic to your website which will subsequently mean you can get ranked higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)’s expanding your visibility and presence with the absence of costly Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns such as Google Adwords. PPC has its advantages and disadvantages over SEO, as the advantage of PPC is the immediate presence as a “sponsored link” on top of the Google SERP however its drawback is as a user clicks on your site, you are paying for each click where each click is deducted from your monthly budget you invest into your campaign.

Here are some of the points to consider when you are improving your search engine rankings on Google.

  • Tags – The tags that are essential to improving SEO include;
    • H1 Header tags – Structure based on the keywords increase traffic.
    • Alt tags – For images to be crawled based on how the image is defined.
    • Meta tags related to the keywords you are driving organic web traffic from.
  • Compression of images – Smaller image sizes reduces page load time and drives results to your page.
  • Backlinks – Placing your links on ads and blogs for users to click on a link to visit your website.
  • Content – Catchy and clear concise content related to the keywords boosts a user-friendly experience and helps Google crawl through your website to rank you based on the relevant keywords. Management of content through CMS such as WordPress and Joomla.
  • Blog Posts – Regularly updated content on your website and on blogging sites such as Google Blogger related to relevant content can drive more users to your website and create a network of backlinks to your website and other people’s sites. VBlogs on YouTube and Vimeo are also beneficial.

By having an SEO strategy in the long run, Google can assist in crawling through your website to determine where you rank. Against your competitors and specific keywords, you will eventually see results and increasing with rankings this is the reason you should hire an SEO company such as Cloud Connected LLC.

Why is local Internet marketing so effective for businesses?

Internet marketing has always been an essential part in developing and promoting a business because your customers will be searching for a specific business. A companies website is always the first point of review for people who search your brand online when they are shopping for specific merchandise. Crawling online through many different companies that are listed based on a search query, customers are capable to take advantage of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Social media websites are most commonly visited websites according to a survey by High traffic means businesses and local brands opt to Social Media to attract more customers and facilitate a point of contact with their customers. The effectiveness is apparent because

  • Everyone has access to the internet via mobile/smartphone.
  • Searching your local business is easy based on geo-location services.
  • Social Media is simple to use and engage with contacts and businesses.
  • Blogs, and video streaming enables customers to engage with the business easily.

What are the strategies for advanced SEO Services?

SEO focuses on both the technical and creative aspects of the content produced for your website. On-site SEO deals mainly with the technical side such as meta tags of different keywords as off-site SEO is the third-party connection to where the content (images, videos, blogs) are submitted such as Social Media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Video streaming e.g Youtube & Vimeo.

Advancing in your SEO the following is to be considered;

  • Page titles and descriptions are optimized with relevant content.
  • Responsive Web design.
  • Keyword research based on volume and Click Through Rate.
  • A well-defined consistent HTML Heading structure H1, H2, H3 and H4 etc.
  • Compression of images to increasing page load times.
  • Use of a breadcrumb menu to improve navigation.
  • An XML sitemap.
  • Robots.txt
  • Implementing a 404 Error Page.
  • Easy to read format of headings and body text, clear and consistent.
  • Generate back links from ads and blog posts.
  • Check for broken links.
  • Audit your website and revise the errors and warnings.
  • Optimize your website for mobile browsers.
  • Minifying CSS, reducing the CSS content for the page.

What is best for starting an e-commence business website or application?

For your customers to come to you, several applications have proven useful so you can keep track of the analytics of your business and the generated sales from e-commerce. Online there are different open source platforms and SaaS applications that have the ability to keep track of traffic and visits to your page and revenue generate by online sales. Apps make it easier for returning customer to understand what associates them with that brand, so if a customer buys for example clothes these apps know the customer is best suited for that niche.

As a great starter an catching website that is marketing the brand is very important with a branding logo so that the consumer an identify that brand based on the logo. Clear fonts and easy website navigation facilitates user-friendliness to your website so users can navigate to their desired product.

One of the most important stages is to find a supplier and manufacturer that can supply and distribute your goods to your store.

Listing your inventory in categories and sub-categories for a superstore such as Wal-Mart makes it easier for the customer to look for certain clothes you have, such as mens and womens’ clothes and groceries, listing meat, bread and fruits etc. Different e-commerce stores have different categories and sub-categories relevant to what they sell, such as supplies for the yard or DIY supplies.

To extend and keep up-to-date with your sales and revenue in your e-commerce business, the applications that are useful to starting an e-commerce website are as follows.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics keeps track of the number of visitors to your website, demographics of your visitors and the time spent on your website. Its integrated to give information on the revenue to your website by online sales and it an inform you if the same customers are returning to your website. This analytics application is open source letting e-commerce business track their advertising ROI and traffic to the website.

Accounting App – QuickBooks

Accounting applications such as Quickbooks can feedback information on sales based on invoicing and e-commerce transactions to each different customer. Each different customer suits a different niche based on the brand they purchase the most. Quickbooks keeps track of the accounting on a business perspective from sales/revenue to taxation of sales and workers.

CRM App – Method CRM

Customer Relationship Management Apps are applied to accounting applications such as Quickbooks providing the means for the business to communicate effectively and manage the interactions with the potential customers. Details of the customer are held indefinitely in the systems for the business to store and hold information securely under Data Protection Laws.


An e-commerce platform that people can sell online as a retailer and even via social media. It is an easy way for a business to build an e-commerce platform and manage it on a regular basis.

Payment Gateways

An e-commerce application that authorizes transactions made by the consumer for e-businesses, online retailers and other form of offline businesses such as “bricks and clicks”.  The payment gateways encrypt the sensitive information such as the customers credit card information through a point where information between the customer and merchant runs securely.

Examples of payment gateways can be found here


One of the most popular and secure payment gateway systems to date, Paypal allows users to select their preferred cards to pay for their transactions. It serves as an alternative to traditional payment methods such as money transfers and checks and it is most trusted when paying to a less familiar merchant. The gateway is known as “Payflow” which are in different types such as standard “Payflow Link” and “Payflow PRO” which the difference is based on the customization of a checkout experience unique to your business, each of them still comply with the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant template.

Social Media Apps

Customer service and marketing has been made easier by social media. 59% of consumers in the USA have said their customer experience has improved by queries through social media apps such as Facebook. Features on social media have included;

Connecting eBay and Amazon to Facebook to connect with friends to find the latest products and deals.

Facebook Messenger implementing a payment service to send money and allow transactions using the “Messenger” app.

Twitter have a buy now button allowing you to purchase an item without even leaving your app.


If you are considering to build an e-commerce store where it is up to date with the current world today, consider the apps I have mentioned. It is vital you have a clear precise website with a clearly branded logo and a well-structured quickly loading website for your customers. Ideally you’d need a great social media coverage and well audited SEO for your website can increase your sales and revenues and retain your customers with the latest brands you offer to certain types of customers such as ones particularly interested in clothes or others in DIY products, their niche is very important.

From a business perspective, analytics of traffic to the website keep the business informed on the number of visitors to their page. Secure payment systems builds a level of trust for the consumer to keep sensitive information secure when purchasing products or services online.

Social media applications provide the mechanism where consumers can communicate with businesses through a social media platform, make customer service relate queries and perform direct sales. Social Media sales is prevalent in Twitter’s “Buy Now” button where a customer can perform purchases directly through twitter and large e-commerce stores such as eBay and Amazon can connect to attract customers via Facebook.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is a cost-effective solution for any size business to reach their target audience. Common methods include the web, email, social media and blog posts where reaching their target audience drive up sales and revenue. The objective behind internet marketing is so that customers can engage with the business whether it is through social media or browsing the web to shop online.

Before internet marketing, traditional marketing methods included advertising on billboard signs and posters, television and radio advertisements. These channels are still in use today, however, the increased usage of the internet coverage attracts avid shoppers and customers to purchase online through the business e-commerce stores. Today, ads appear in search engines, social media pages and through email marketing where some ads can be eye grabbing to the user, over some that seem to lack real interest.

A key benefit of internet marketing is to measure and make analysis of each given channel that can determine which strategy is gaining the right customers and who have converted by simply visiting your landing page. Whether it is to advertise on social media, search engine optimization, Google Ads and email advertising, internet marketing can draw up better conclusions based on analytics and tracking more-over than traditional marketing methods.

Example of online marketing campaigns are;

⁃ Ford advertising for keywords related to “cars” and determining how they rank compared to their competitors such as “General Motors” and “Chevrolet”.

⁃ Ford has email lists of their customers to advertise their latest products and offer such as a new Ford car release. They also advertise to their audience using social media ads.

From the example of Ford, the intended audience is people who are interested in Cars, and they have heard of “Ford” and their models such as “Focus” or “Mustang”. A specific make and model of a Ford automobile captures the interest of the user where they will find out more and engage with the brand, or if they’re looking for a car and compare them to the other competitors such as GM and Chevrolet. Marketers, however need to understand the needs of the consumer before adopting their campaign so that they are not trying to advertise to a very different niche.

Check for more information on latest trends / news on Internet marketing here

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing online is based on getting discovered by your customers with helpful content on products and services to drive sales and revenue. Instead of direct methods such as cold email blasts and that odd flyer through the door which business believe to be their customers that a majority disregard these messages as spam, customers begin to engage in e-commerce activities when they find you via search engines, video streaming site like Youtube, blog posts and social media.

Traditional marketing methods such as the billboard signs and posters are less effective today however still captivate the interest of some people who do not use the internet compared to a great majority of customers engage through online resources that are given through social media channels, online video streaming, blogs and search engines. Customers hear about the brand because they saw you on Social Media and feel they like to engage with you because they find you very interesting. Example of this would be pet supplies for their cat, a user would hear of a new pet store opening up in their area through a news release online.

The strategy in inbounding marketing in this case is to;

⁃ Attract the people interested in owning a cat who are likely to be prospective consumers

⁃ Convert from a fan into a lead for your brand.

⁃ Close the leads into consumers for your brand.

⁃ Delight and impress your customers with news and special offers for your brand.

A customer begins engaging in inbound marketing by subscribing to your blog, or e-Newsletter you post periodically and any latest products and offers they would be interested in. This excites and delights the customer to further engage with your brand as they are seeing a new and improved product they may be interested with or a way to save money. Going back to the pet supplies example, this could be 10% off on cat food and litter products or even cheap neutering on behalf of a well-known charity such as the ASPCA.

What are the Benefits of writing good content?

Content marketing has captivated business owners as a useful tactic to increasing online presence, driving sales and revenue and establish customer and business relationships online. High quality content on your website is a cornerstone to attracting customers to take user experience to a great level, facilitated by user friendliness, navigation, eye catching detail and relevant content. This heightens rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo using SEO. Relevant content based on the company drives conversions 6 times more than companies that do not focus on content marketing which can cost significant revenue in your brand and less customers will recognize your brand than a company who is eager to employ content marketing strategies such as SEO, SMO and PPC.

Here are some of the benefits you will find content marketing can bring to your business;

  • Lead Generation – Customers are likely to engage with your brand if the content is create explains the product or service you are offering that will suit their needs. After the brand is pitched to an audience you would receive either a call or email from a prospective customer.
  • Increased Outreach to wider audience – A wide audience that is local and views your content demographically or a larger public network such as social media can drive more traffic and generate leads. Increased traffic can generate more leads.
  • Increased Publicity – Releasing high-quality news articles and blogs, which, loyal customers are informed on a regular basis the current trends in the business. Use of social media channels to post regular updates on your brand.
  • Establishing Customer Relationships – Appealing content and exciting updates on blog posts and news can help keep a customer loyal to the company for a long period of time. Customers are curious on the new releases based on their demands for that brand.
  • Driving Conversions – Process of “converting” a lead to a paying customer, content marketing drive conversions. Your brand has been recognised on multiple channels and consumers can engage with you because they have heard of you from a third party source.

While your business can rival your competitors to boost sales and revenue, the content you create can take up to months for search engines to crawl through your published content and base your brand on its keywords. While you have a website developed with content aimed specifically at your audience, for your brand to be effective, content marketing is achieved by the following;

Who Provides the Best E-commerce services?

Many different polls would be able to actually answer that question as “Who is the Best?” is a matter of one’s own opinion! Even your very own e-commerce website service could be the best amongst locals and friends in your community.

Cloud Connected is one of the leading providers of eCommerce and website development solutions in Los Angeles CA for your company as well as SEO. Recently we have partnered with Beacon Media News based in Pasadena, we have helped hundreds of people with over 25+ year’s experience combined in digital marketing implement a professional website generate leads and revenue with the e-store capabilities to sell and market goods. Established in 2017 we endeavor to become listed in the top 10 companies for e-commerce development. Find out more about the services we offer to drive your sales at

We rounded up a list from of the best eCommerce website development companies that are based in the Middle East, India, USA and UK. Based on the customer feedback, functionality, quality of service and content of their website here are rounded the top 10, in descending order;


Featured in the top 10 e-commerce startups by the Google FICCI awards; Contus has developed websites for both mobile and desktop for nearly 8 years. This e-commerce business has a range of difference powerful stores to suit a range of different niches such as education, grocery shopping, fashion and electronics.

Kd Web

Coined the best e-commerce web design company in the USA, Kd Web is based in London UK based solely on different platforms of magenta developing B2C websites with add-on services such as inventory management and mobile friendly experience.

Sparx IT Solutions

Based in Nodia India, this company has delivered a staggering 13200+ projects over 9200+ clients worldwide. Specializing in the common and well-known Magenta developing in codes and platforms such as PHP, ROR, NodeJS and Drupal.

Canada HiTech

This company takes e-commerce to analytical levels with market and competitor analysis. Based in the UAE this company’s speciality is in e-commerce website development over different e-commerce platforms.

Bliss Web Solutions

Like many into magenta this store builds with yahoo store development and bigcommerce online store build. Fully responsive and compatible across mobile and desktop to benefit UI/UX concepts as well as great utile management, such as sales reports and inventory management.

Arch Wings

A multinational e-commerce company with bases in India, USA and the UK specializing in e-commerce website development, mobile app development, and digital marketing for websites.


Low cost services with a portfolio behind developing and improving the design and concept behind UI/UX, Search Engine Optimization, responsive web design and mobile friendliness.

Dotcom weavers

Dotcom weavers provides a customized approach in developing an e-commerce store. Exploring the needs from a user perspective this e-commerce store can convert when their users needs are understood.

Ellipis Infotech

Based out of Gujarat in India listing as one of the best players in India, Ellipis Infotech develops their e-commerce stores optimized for search engines for greater results.

Evince Development

Covering a vast range of expertise like Magenta, Joomla, Opencart and Yahoo Store, Evince is an E-commerce store that combines all the major platforms into one single service for the consumer.


Ideally the best e-commerce stores understand their customers based on their needs and tailor the user experience with their business to build successful business relationships. With many to choose from it is not really easy to say which is the best, unless you wish to either try out some of the high fliers rated in or you wish to give Cloud Connected a go we can guarantee we can have you covered to boost your revenue and sales. You can contact us on