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Proven success on how our SEO with us can get you ranked in less time.

At Cloud Connected we wish you a Happy New Year and we like to make your experience in 2019 a fruitful experience when it comes to digital marketing. As an SEO agency based in Pasadena CA, clients of ours are often unaware of the importance of SEO as they feel they doesn’t work in the short run. Patience is the key to seeing search engine rankings when you have an SEO strategy with Cloud Connected because it take time on scale of months for Google’s algorithms to crawl through your website and get you ranked. Importantly it is best to keep in mind that we can track your performance if you become a client with us because we can verify where we publish your content and the sites that backlink to your website. Also making comparisons to your ranking over the months. Here is an example of a couple of summarized reports of 2 our clients that have or currently work with us;

NOTE Rankings are labelled by numbers in the months corresponding to the ranking. 10 and less means they appear on the first page of the Search Engine results page (SERP’s)

Over the months we have seen more rankings based on keywords for our partner company Beacon Media News such as SEO Monrovia CA and SEO Company CA over 2 months.
Another Client we had on, rankings based on keywords for Brilliant Drapery Design seeing Curtain Installation Los Angeles rank on first page, a quantum leap from November.

From these reports we have successfully ranked on the first page for these two client(s).

If you could recap from looking our Questions and Answers, to be successful in your SEO strategy it is essentially important to create content for a website here are some of the factors worth considering that can boost your performance and earn you similar rankings to our clients

  • Tags – As you develop your website as a starting point to promotion and SEO, the tags that are essential to improving SEO include;
    • H1 Header tags – Structure based on the keywords increase traffic.
    • Alt tags – For images to be crawled based on how the image is defined.
    • Meta tags related to the keywords you are driving organic web traffic from.
  • Compression of images – Smaller image sizes reduces page load time and drives results to your page.
  • Backlinks – Placing your links on ads and blogs on 3rd party websites for users to click on a link to visit your website.
  • Content – Catchy and clear concise content related to the keywords boosts a user-friendly experience and helps Google crawl through your website to rank you based on the relevant keywords. More content you publish on your page that relates to your keywords will help you rank better if you don’t include the keywords it’s unlikely Google will rank you. We manage content through CMS such as WordPress for many of our clients.
  • Blog and VBlog Posts – Whenever you update content regularly on your website, and even on blogging sites such as Google Blogger, if the content is related to your target market this can drive more users to your website and create a network of backlinks to your website and other people’s sites. VBlogs on YouTube and Vimeo are also beneficial.
  • Call to action – Publishing a link that a user can act and convert from lead into a customer such as a “Call Us” or “Email Us” link.

Other More technical Aspects that are important with SEO include;

  • Page titles and descriptions are optimized with relevant content.
  • Responsive Web design.
  • Keyword research based on volume and Click Through Rate.
  • A well-defined consistent HTML Heading structure H1, H2, H3 and H4 etc.
  • Use of a breadcrumb menu to improve navigation.
  • An XML sitemap.
  • Robots.txt
  • Implementing a 404 Error Page.
  • Easy to read format of headings and body text, clear and consistent.
  • Check for broken links.
  • Audit your website and revise the errors and warnings.
  • Optimize your website for mobile browsers.
  • Minifying CSS, reducing the CSS content for the page.

We advise our clients on diagnosis of the factors such as publishing new content and tags on the website. Addressing these can help better work with our clients and improve their SEO rankings driving more traffic and generating more leads that can convert better. When Google crawls through your website it is imperative that your keywords are included in the content as SEO is determined on a ranking scale, by including keywords in meta data, properly augmented website with appropriate use of headers and backlinks this scales up your SEO score and will benefit your company. As an SEO agency Cloud Connected offer a range of different services that are beneficial to your website. We even upset web design services if they are necessary to get you started as some of our clients who have started have no website at all. We still offer FREE consultations where we have a discussion to determine the step we can progress with if you choose us to optimize your website.

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Refer to our full video by “me” CEO of Cloud Connected.

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