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Hugh Benjamin trains Beacon Media News on SEM/SEO

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Hugh Benjamin, who is the VP of Business Development for Cloud Connected does a conference with our partner Beacon Media News based upon attracting more customers to your site that use our innovative branding methods. In the video he discusses online marketing covering a range of different marketing such as mobile marketing, blogs and social media marketing.  When creating your ads, converting customers with conversion tracking and generating calls that will subsequently create sales is discussed. While we do grow with the large scale internet coverage and social media usage we still find that the realm of SEO can be a foreign language to some businesses who might want to find a way to boost calls and increase sales and revenue. At Cloud Connected we are willing to help you decipher the real world behind SEO.

Each different types of marketing as described.

Our business knows that you have a great brand and product but don’t know the target audience. You would end up spending a lot of money on pay per click ads like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords only to realise to your dismay your ads do not run and that method is very expensive. With SEO we you can save on your dollars while getting monthly reports about your ranking. Some companies take up to 6 months to get into the top 10 in the search results for their keywords. Most companies are tempted to use Pay Per Click because the results are immediate. They featured in the sponsored ads section of Google, Facebook, Bing and more though the drawback lies in the cost it has for your business, when a user clicks on your ad it consumes your budget and the time the ad has expires or if the credit card is declined the ad will no longer run.

Here is an example of links based on the search results where a much larger percentage of clicks are based through the top ranking links than sponsored ads.

Search Results Page

We do have you covered at Cloud Connected that we can give you a free 30 minute consultation to see what keywords could save you with your Cost Per Click (CPC) while increasing your conversion rate that can facilitate your revenue and sales boost. We have helped a lot of clients with up to 25 years of expertise in online marketing and advertising who are struggling to get a brand off the ground rank much higher in the SERPs from 12th page to the 1st in 6 months and we believe in you.

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