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How to boost your website speed

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As you are aware Cloud Connected LLC is a digital marketing agency where we ensure it is paramount to you that your website has higher search engine rankings. If you have a large website you may of had issues with page load speeds that can reduce the number of visitors to your page with a knock on effect on your leads and rankings on Google. Larger files that are uncompressed and are not minified will cause your website to load very slowly. On average users only spend 2 to 3 seconds on average to access your website. Any longer this will increase your bounce rate (number of visitors who bounce off the home page) which will reduce your conversion rate (leads becoming paying customers). On this link “pingdom speed test” you can analyse the speed test of your website. Lets get started on what you need to minify on your website before focusing on the other key parts to improving site performance.


Combined files

If you ever seen that your code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript can contain unnecessary code. By minifying your files removing whitespaces, unnecessary line breaks this can reduce the file size and boost your performance.

Time to first byte

The amount of time is crucial for your website as a longer loading website will have undesired results on retaining your customers, or users who first find your website.

page speed

While minifying files is important mind, lets begin;

Reducing CSS files

If you have less Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) files where you combine all the parent selectors to one this can reduce file size and increase loading speed.

Optimizing CSS delivery

This is another minifying approach to reducing your html with inline styling attributes, stored in a separate CSS file, frequently called style.css. For an HTML element such as <h1></h1>  the css creates a uniform output of how a header 1 should appear without repeatedly controlling its font.

Minimalizing HTTP requests

According to Google; 80% of the time is downloading requests for images and files relating to your website. By reducing the content this can reduce HTTP requests.

Compression of image files

Large image files are a bottleneck in loading a webpage because the browser has to load up megabytes of data relating to that image. According to Radware 45% of e-commerce sites don’t compress their images which can causing a lagging and painfully slow load times when you access an online store.

Installing the WP Rocket Plugin

If you are using WordPress to run your webpage then consider this plugin for at little as $39 a month. It can automatically minify your HTML, CSS and JavaScript and allows improvements on browser and page caching.

Upgrading your older version of PHP

Newer versions of PHP such as PHP7.1 load a website much quicker than PHP5.1.

Enable Browser Caching

When you load a webpage the content on the page that you visited get stored on “temporary storage” known as cache. Once the page is loaded and many contents are stored on the users cache few components of the webpage need to be loaded. If you had few components this can cut time up to one second.

Using a CDN

A Content Delivery Network can allow you to store your website on multiple servers as opposed to one server. If one server has a bottleneck of requests another server can load your website.

Monitor and Analyse your speed on a regular basis

Last and foremost monitor your website with some of the tools such as pingdom and Google Search Console, for the sake of understanding your performance. You can use the auditor on our homepage and other speed tests particular pingdom speed test.

Bearing this in mind at Cloud Connected we ensure that you can be ranked highest based on your keyword and we can perform the appropriate diagnosis of your website. We understand this can be a mouthful of information but trust us, we have up to 25+ years of experience helping clients who are struggling to make ends meet and we can ensure you that we can have a fully running highly ranked website in say 6 months. Your users depend on website speeds its a bit like you’re at a stoplight and the car in front is taking their time, what would you do? Honk for them to move? So if you access a website would you want your user to wait ages and put their patience to the test? We wouldn’t think so.

Our services are best quality find out more about how we can help your business here. We have reasonable pricing packages for Guru to Professional packages to help deliver your brand with guaranteed results. Give us a call on 626.204.4057 to schedule a FREE consultation for 30 minutes to discuss improvements of your website.

pingdom speed test

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