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How Artificial Intelligence is Very Important with Giant Websites

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If you have ever noticed on Social Media sites such as Facebook how useful it is when you spot text on a page in a foreign language and it gives you the option to translate to English? Also have you realized when you upload a picture on Facebook that it uses facial recognition to lookup a friend to tag in the image? Well without AI a website would be like “dust” according to LeCun, Facebooks chief AI scientist that told CNN Business that. 

“If you take the deep learning out of Facebook today, Facebook’s dust,”

 “You wouldn’t be able to run Facebook without deep learning” 

Facebooks AI Research lab (or FAIR) for short has been around for 5 years and it can seen it impact users on a level where the technology has been more practical and inedible mark in modern culture. Like the facial recognition and foreign language translation it has fared better and sometimes worse. Researchers in machine learning are aiming to become more productive when images are uploaded onto Facebook, neural model networking techniques can create some captions associated with the images that are uploaded. Images like having a dog walk in the park and a caption saying “It was a great day walking a dog in the park” or if your in your friends at a party it would say “This was a great party with friend1 and friend2”. 

Human Interaction

Facebook could not function today without this deep learning, appraised by LeCun applied to some of the techniques that drive Facebook to become successful in translations of foreign languages on a page to identifying hate speech and groups violating the community guidelines on Facebook. Deep learning filters explicit content, to remove it for a safer user experience. 
However, there are some drawbacks with the AI where the technology isn’t reliable and make some of the reasons and judgements similar to people. Sometimes posts that are alerted to moderators on Facebook require their opinion to determine if it violates the Community Guidelines on Facebook and when you upload that picture sometimes the database can be scanned to find a face of a friend completely different to the one intended.

artifical intelligence
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Facebook does endeavor to be more engaging with its users while keeping up to date the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence. Researchers at the AI unit in Facebook intend to train some of the models in machine learning to create captions that are not just factual, i.e that object in the picture but the style as to how the object is gains a comment by the user representing the attitude, environment and emotion of that object. If you were walking in the park and you took a picture while the sun was shining, your caption would read “Beautiful Sunshine at the X Park”. The neural model network known as “TransResNet” is reliant on some of the state of the art programs built to encode image data such as “ResNet152” developed by Sebastien Marcel and Yann Rodriguez in “Torchvision” known as the machine-vision package of torch, a machine library providing a series of state in the art machine learning algorithms.

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