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Benefits of Google Analytics

Traffic to your website is every businesses’ opportunity where it increases chances for businesses to convert incoming leads into paying customers. Subsequently this increases growth and revenue/sales.

Here at Cloud Connected we are an SEO agency based in Pasadena CA make it much easier for you to understand the source of your traffic based on Google Analytics Metrics reports. Many of our clients get confused as to the different terms in the report so we can make it easier for you to understand the dynamics of Google Analytics reports and how SEO is a useful strategy when writing content, and seeing positive changes in your GA analytics. Users can see the metrics of their traffic based of age, gender, location, interests and devices used.

We install Google Analytics Metrics on your website where we can observe specific metrics and decipher some of the more complex analytical issues. This problem is commonly faced with even our clients who have had difficulty understanding how consistent content writing improves SEO for the client and subsequently improve the rankings on Google SERP’s. 

We will use our Google Analytics over the past 7 days as an example;

Google Analytics Home
Google Analytics Home
Demographics Google Analytics
Browser and OS
Browser and OS
Location Google Analytics
Interests Google Analytics
Interests Google Analytics

Bounce Rate
Number of users that visit your homepage bounce off to visit another page on your website.

Number of users that visit your website in a specific time range.

A group of interactions a user takes within one given time.

Session Duration
The amount of time a user spends on a specific session such as browsing another page on the website.

Direct Traffic
Website traffic received directly to the website e.g if the website is advertised using conventional techniques without visiting a backlink.

Organic Traffic
Based on search results i.e searches on Google most predominantly or Bing.

Social Traffic
As the name suggests, this traffic is based on backlinks published on Social Media sites e.g Facebook pages.

Referral Traffic
Referral traffic is where 3rd Party websites publish backlinks referring the traffic to your website.

The more clients stay with us, the better the results they can obtain, and we make it clear that the importance of SEO is to stay committed with Cloud Connected. Keep investing in our services to increase leads and customers. We don’t regard this as a job that can see positive results by tomorrow, it can take at least 6 months to see positive changes.

At Cloud Connected we have been able to deliver first page results in less than a week and if you look at our blog here we have a proven track record of dealing with clients and delivering fast.

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