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GDPR – How it will affect your business


On the 25th of this month a stringent enforcement of regulations for organisations doing business in the EU will be in force where its objective is to protect consumers privacy. This regulation had been 7 years in the making that will become the backbone to how data is controlled at the benefit of the consumer than the company. You may of interacted with a company that informs you their “privacy settings have changed” and “we are updating our terms of service”. This only affects consumers based in the EU and not in the US due to the different data protection regulations.

Consumers benefit from having greater control over the methods as to how data is collected for the purpose to store and circulate to other partner companies in an organization. Applying only to businesses across the EU, consumers have secure explicit permission over data in the EU. The law replaces the 1995 Data Protection Directive, with the “General Data Protection Regulation” that the guidelines are set to the way data by individuals can be feed, giving individual significantly more rights over how they can access and modify data held by a major organization. You may wonder why we comply with anti-spam laws by making it easier to unsubscribe to annoying emails. This advertising by companies will make it harder with fines up to 4% of companies turnover.


The GDPR affects all companies that are doing businesses in the EU. While this law focuses on companies that hold large amounts of consumer data, consumers outside the EU do not have this level of privacy rights as Facebook and Linked are moving the personal data associated with non-Europeans out of Europe into other jurisdictions in the latter to avoid any legal loopholes.

Digital marketers that depend on algorithms inferring enhance on advertisements will find it more difficult in the absence of the individuals consent. In essence a ban on automated decision making where ad relating to some of the data transmitted on Facebook becoming less of an occurrence.

Facebook, being a US based company that operates with consumers worldwide and twitter assured each user by sign a new terms of service, this compliance is intended to seek explicit consent by it’s users determining what data can be circulated. Users were asked if they were able to use facial recognition to distinguish themselves from strangers in the images they post. Changes were made to Apple and Google although Apple unlike many competitors doesn’t collect much data for the purpose of advertising those their privacy tools are adapted for privacy use worldwide.

For more info on GDPR for US based business please click here

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