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Facebook facial recognition faces legal trouble.


Facebook has been in legal woes with numerous major privacy and abuse scandals, that had escalated giving up users information for the purpose of advertising based on the material they share and photos that link to someone who is a facebook user.

The largest social media platform been in violation of Illinois state law that collects different faces of what is believed to be people’s friends and giving them tags. The lawsuit says that facebook is gathering information without the users’ consent. This come after a whistleblower of the Cambridge Analytica discovered how a firm harvested data from millions of facebook accounts. Data from US voters used to implement software to predict the results in the ballot box while working with Trumps election team and winning Brexit campaign.

The “tag suggestions” feature was rolled out in June 2011 where facial recognition algorithms search a database of who might be suggested friends of people in their photos users upload on their profile when they are photographed with a group of people.


Facebook claimed that they are in their right to share data to improve their service and seek to fight this claim vigorously. In one statement Facebook said “We continue to believe the case has no merit and will defend ourselves vigorously,”. US District Judge, however gave the go ahead in the lawsuit on the way facebook’s facial recognitions are used to target users in photos.


Mark Zuckerberg holds his defence to be the man around the world’s biggest social media platform as he claims that when you build a social media platform like Facebook there are hurdles and challenges that are frought. This concern has lead to believe that Facebook was tapping into people phone calls and who they were messaging, from a report by FOX Business News Mark Zuckerberg claims this to be a “conspiracy theory”.

“When you’re building something like Facebook which is unprecedented in the world”

“What I think people should hold us accountable for is if we are learning from our mistakes.”

Mark Zuckerberg still remains chairman of the board as well as the chief executive of Facebook despite these claims we can learn to restrict what we should take extra care what material we wish to share on social media.

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