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Facebook Accused of being aggressive with users who don’t login frequently

Account holders of facebook are put under pressure to keep up engagement statistics. It’s been roughly 1 year since the founder of rightway inc. Rishi Gorantala had removed the Facebook app from his phone. This ensued difficulties with the organization meaning the company had gotten more aggressive to get him to sign back in.

Rishi was constantly alerted each few days about friends that had posted comments on his pictures and wall each time inviting him to click on a link to view activity on facebook. He rarely engaged.

About one week into September Rishi was getting alerts from the Facebook security team that told him “It looks like you’re having trouble logging into Facebook” even though he wasn’t logging in he would get in the emails “Just click the button below and we’ll log you in. If you weren’t trying to log in, let us know”

“The content of mail they send is essentially trying to trick you” by Gorantala, 35, who lives in Chile. Concerned by facebook’s aggressive stand against withdrawal from it’s site he added it is “Like someone tried to access my account so I should go and log in”

Facebook currently has more than 2 Billion users logging in each month has been successfully growing it’s user base and has been the most active website to advertising content via social media. These numbers facilitate to beat investors expectations on user numbers. However people like Gorantala, Facebook feels it is just very improtant to retain these numbers so those who are logging in less often expect frequent attempts to log back in.

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