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An Uncle Sam type statement I know! Cloud Connected are at a critical stage where we are progressively getting clients, 1-2 per week seeing what benefits SEO Services has for their company and we like to decipher and discuss this in bitesize chunks. Where you have content, you need a mechanism for Google to see that it is valuable. This is possible with the keywords you choose Google to rank your content for. SEO can be a real hurdle and we fully understand the implications “Oh I do not have enough time”, “How can I going to write content?”, and “How do I get a website?”. Common questions from our customers and we have some Q&A in a Youtube Video we have broadcasted last Tuesday to help you understand by the CEO of Cloud Connected; Sam Hughes.


It is easy enough to promote with Pay-Per-Click as it is less time consuming and a more viable approach for the less technical people although this have many limitations.


  1. Pay Per Click is set on your monthly budget. It can be like you rent an apartment and you come to the end of your lease your space is no longer yours. The same is true with Pay Per Click.
  2. Ad’s have a limit time to stay in the sponsored section so there is no guarantee your ad is at the far top however it is featured in the first page of the SERP’s.
  3. You are responsible for every payment for a click on your ad.
  4. PPC is becoming older as SEO although time consuming has much more positive results.

SEO has a better and more effective approach to tackle the great expense of running ads as there is a month by month commitment. Some of our clients stay with us for 6-12 months and we give them a promise. If 40% of their keywords don’t get them ranked on the first page of Google we can give them one free month of SEO where we can amend the content and diagnose the problem. One client we have had are now ranked in the first page of Google based on the work we have done for that client.


Please visit and find out more about what we offer. We do FREE scans of your website on our homepage and send you the report. If you need any support please email us here.

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