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7 ways to generate more social media traffic

In 2019 we all want more buzz for our social media content when we are promoting our brand. From recent surveys by we find that content on Facebook has a better chance of being noticed topping all social media sites by number of users being about 2.7 billion worldwide. At Cloud Connected we can make things happen as an SEO agency based in Pasadena CA and we offer a great Social Media Optimization package for as little as $499 a month.

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7 Different ways to do this are as follows;

Install a Facebook Chatbot

Chatbots are the well known customer chat widgets that you see at the bottom of the webpage, when you go into their site. These respond to you without any person manning the chat service to ask if you need help or have any questions. These have been used now with Facebook Messenger service.

Chatbots work very similar to instant messaging, unlike instant messaging service where it is often manned and talking to an actual person, chatbots can extract contact information from the customer where this information automatically adds them to your contact list. Most information is accurate by chatbots.

Point out Social Media Accounts from your website

Having social media icons linking out to your social media profiles can point your users to your online social presence and generate backlinks. Often or not these links should be prominently added in a location where there is a call-to-action for a user, i.e contact us page or footer.

Make your content easy to share on social media

Increase the engagement of posts such as infographics, blog posts, videos and podcasts by adding a “Share This” button. Sharing buttons make it easier for users to share your content and gain more traffic by sharing your media on social media. If you have CMS such as WordPress or Joomla for your website you can have a plugin that is displayed on each page or blog post for a user to share.

Enable Comments

Comments on the website are a way a user can interact with you, if they are happy with their thoughts of your content to be shared publicly. Comments sections can host great discussions and keep people updated. Also can generate backlinks as a reference for their content. Always ensure that comments are filtered adequately to avoid spam or abuse.

Make sure your content looks good when you share on Social

Whenever content is published you would ensure that the language flows to the reader. Thinking how you or another viewer would read it by analyzing and proof reading for grammatical errors. For SEO boost including some of your keywords will boost your Search Engine rankings.

If you have ever shared some on Facebook to find a title was missing or the passage of text didn’t sound sense, or even written it? If someone did share your content it would cause you to feel embarrassed. Minor errors can have significant consequences, otherwise can make you feel humiliated.

Add click to tweets throughout your content

Click-to-tweet is a sophisticated and useful tool enabling you to add little snippets of content for publishing on Twitter, where, known to Twitter users the maximum allowable characters is 160. Inserting the click-to-tweets makes it easier for readers to post great tweets without them submitting content manually, including the quote, headline and link related to the content they are posting.

Have a Social Login

For full-on social access, incorporating a social login can increase your membership leads and ease the need to fill in form divulging users credentials. This gives users the joy to authenticate websites to share your information from social media such as Facebook.

If you ever noticed how you can login from Facebook and Google this has been much more prevalent with social media as it is at the business advantage to increase social media awareness and attract more leads.

Always ensure that the content shared is social media friendly and is easily shareable with the share buttons which can boost your presence online and awareness.

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