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About Cloud Connected

We are all connected! Our favored quote to describe the essence of connection to the "cloud"

Our Goals

Our Goals

To create a low-cost and friendly solution and expand from what we can provide

What we have

What we have

A dedicated team of technical individuals that can take care of business.


Our Promise

To help businesses with difficulties looking for the right team and help offer our services at a lower cost.

About Our Company

Cloud Connected was established in 2017 we are a new company in specialities in Website and SEO performance.

Starting in 2017 Cloud Connected has been joining the ranks with other companies in the Pasadena area of Greater Los Angeles to providing efficient SEO services to clients, of each different business sizes. At a low cost our services are a benefit to our clients.
Over the next 3 to 5 years Cloud Connected will endeavour to expand on our current base and finding new and innovative ways for professionals and businesses to rely on technical services to boost size and revenue.
Our Company

Our Team Members

We Are Expert in Search Engine & Social Media Optimization.

Team Member

Sam Hughes

CEO / Web Developer